Time for a New Battery

Signs you need a New Battery 

The battery is often thought of as the heart of the car. Without it, nothing works. The car cannot run without the battery. Batteries often last for 4 years in a car, no matter how long the battery says it will last. It is best if you can replace the battery before you start to have problem. In a perfect world, replacing the battery will often be done in the routine maintenance, but often times, we put things off until there is a problem with them first. Because of this, you should know the signs that you might need a new battery, so that you are not caught unaware. 

Signs that you might need a new battery: 

Battery dies often: When a battery starts to go, it will often lose its charge. A good indication that you are in need of a new battery is when the battery no longer holds its charge for long. This means that you will want to replace the battery soon because otherwise you can find yourself stranded somewhere. 

Slow Crank: While many people know that once the battery is dead that there is a problem, the car will often let you know that the problem is coming if you know the warning signs. A car that takes longer to crank, or turn over, is often telling you that the battery is dying. It takes a lot of power to start a car. If the battery isn't charged enough, and is dying, the car takes longer to turn over. Every time this happens, it is draining the battery more and more. Soon, the engine will not turn over and your battery will be dead. 

Dashboard indicator: Many cars have a dashboard indicator that will let you know if there is a problem with the battery. This is not a light that you want to ignore. It will help you keep from being stranded somewhere with a dead battery. This light lets you know that there is something going on with the internal electrical system of the car. It could indicate that there is an issue with the alternator, the piece that charges that battery while the car is running. It is best to have it checked out by your mechanic to see if the problem is the battery or something more. 

Swollen Battery Case: When a car battery is exposed to extreme cold or heat, the flat parts of the battery can swell. For example, if a car is not driven most of the winter, the battery can freeze and cause it to discharge. This causes the battery to die and will need to be replaced. 

Weird Smell: As a battery freezes or gets exposed to extreme heat, it can start to release a gas. This gas smells like rotten eggs. It is important to have the battery checked if you smell this. Besides needing a new battery, the acid can get on other engine parts and cause damage. 

No one likes to be left with a dead battery. It is important to pay attention to the battery so that you can avoid some of the issues.

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